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Karly Rayner

If you can avoid thinking of the donkey that sired them, these fine fillies are packing some seriously sexy ass!

The magnificent babes of the Murphy family are an absolute joy to behold and, it's impossible to say which one I want to fondle more furiously. Brias booty might be undeniably juicer but Shayne's shapely cheeks are very charismatic

Unfortunately, my sister's boyfriend is also called Shayne so the lovely lady is tainted by association for me. And look and Bria's magnificently minxy face. You know that she is gonna be a whole lotta pillow fighting, mattress wrestling fun. Hell, maybe her sense of humor is as good of her Dads!

Which of the foxy babes would you like to entangle yourself with?

Source: TMZ

Images: TMZ via Instagram and Zimbio via Pacific Coast News


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