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Have you ever had a job interview go horribly wrong after blowing the interview? Well if you think missing out on your dream job is bad, imagine destroying your one and only chance to play the new villain. Welcome to Eddie Redmayne's nightmare.

The star completely botched his audition for the part of Kylo Ren in . Of course, given the top-secret nature of the film, he wasn't actually allowed to read any lines, or even get any background information on his character. So he resorted to imitating the only Star Wars villain he could think of: Darth Vader.

Warner Bros
Warner Bros

Despite it being a "really a hilarious moment," Redmayne admitted defeat after 10 painful attempts at variations on Darth's signature, labored breathing. Predictably, it did not go well, and Redmayne was pretty devastated.

It's hard to think about a world with anyone other than surly Adam Driver playing that tormented brat — and yet if it wasn't for a bad case of nerves, we could have had an entirely different Kylo Ren. Can you imagine if any of these actors' Star Wars auditions had been successful?

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Christopher Walken As Han Solo

A lot of actors were considered for the role of Han Solo in , but Christopher Walken has to be the strangest. Just picture him on Hoth, screaming at Leia that he "could use a good kiss." Weird. His audition tape is nowhere to be found, but Kevin Spacey does a pretty good job of Walken as Han:

Jennifer Lawrence As Rey

Is there anything Jennifer Lawrence isn't considered for? The Oscar winner was still no match for Daisy Ridley, whose emotional audition makes it pretty clear why she was the perfect choice for the part. Still, I bet food-obsessed Lawrence would have seriously enjoyed that Jakku portion bread.

Zac Efron As Poe Dameron

The exact role Zac Efron auditioned for has never been revealed, but honestly, it had to be Poe. Considering the films almost always cast relatively unknown actors, it's surprising Efron was even considered. It's likely that he sabotaged his chances by telling more than one interviewer that he had auditioned for The Force Awakens, a big no-no in the eyes of Lucasfilm.

Jodie Foster As Leia Organa

I know what you're thinking: Isn't she a little young? At the time of A New Hope's release, Jodie Foster was indeed only 15 years old — which would have cast Han's flirtatious advances in a whole new light. Carrie Fisher, who herself was only 19 when the film was released, has confirmed that Jodie Foster did audition for the part. Kind of glad that one never worked out.

Leonardo DiCaprio As Anakin Skywalker

Considering fans' mixed views on Hayden Christensen's acting skills in the prequels, Leonardo DiCaprio could very well have been the perfect Anakin. After all, he's kind of known for emotionally screaming a large majority of his lines in almost every film he's ever been in. But get this: George Lucas didn't turn him down — he turned down the role, saying he "didn't feel ready to take that dive."

Tupac Shakur As Mace Windu

Wait, really? Well, maybe — if we're to believe Death Row Records engineer Rick Clifford. He says Tupac told him he would be reading for the part of a jedi in an upcoming George Lucas movie: Jedi Master Mace Windu, who was eventually played by Samuel L. Jackson. Clifford's claim has been neither confirmed nor denied by Lucasfilm. Who knows what direction the rapper's life would have gone in if he'd donned Jedi robes?

What do you think of the casting choices in Rogue One?

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