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Update: After speaking about the possibilities of a Hot Fuzz sequel, Digital Spy has recently reported that Edgar Wright has elucidated his previous comments by mentioning that they were "misreported". On further questioning about the likelihood of the sequel, Wright clearly stated: "No, probably not."

Since his big-screen debut with Shaun of the Dead, Edgar Wright has proved time and time again that he knows how to create great entertainment. After bagging the Audience Award at the SXSW and garnering a 100% on the Tomatometer with Baby Driver, Wright looks eager to return to his fan-favorite Cornetto series with a follow-up to his 2007 hit, Hot Fuzz.

While promoting Baby Driver, Edgar Wright told Movieweb about the possibilities of a sequel to Hot Fuzz and how it might mark his reunion with Simon Pegg after their journey through the "Golden Mile",

"I’ve definitely had some ideas and me and Simon have even talked about it at points, but it’s that thing of, do I want to spend three years of my life doing that? Or do I wanna, if I have the opportunity to tell a new story, would I do that? If somebody said to me, if Baby Driver 2, if that kind of came up, it would be like, “I have ideas.” I would never say never, and you’re not wrong to say that that’s the one that you could do further installments."

Despite creating a wide-range of characters throughout his 13-year directorial career, Wright further explained the reasons why he's never returned to take any of these stories further,

"I think the thing with sequels is that I’ve always been looking for what’s next? And the thing with any movie is, it’s going to take up at least two years of your life. Maybe three. So, when you’ve got youth on your side, and I’m already in my forties now, it’s like, I guess I would rather be telling new stories than revisiting old ones."

Does 'Hot Fuzz' Require A Sequel?

Nicholas Angel and Danny Butterman. 'Hot Fuzz'. [Credit: Universal Pictures]
Nicholas Angel and Danny Butterman. 'Hot Fuzz'. [Credit: Universal Pictures]

While contemplating the problems of doing a comedy sequel, Wright hinted at the aspects he might focus on in order to flesh out the relationship between the budding cops of Sanford,

"'Hot Fuzz' I think is the only one of the Cornetto trilogy that you could do a follow-up. The tricky thing with a lot of sequels, and especially comedy sequels, is once characters have finished an arc. You know, in 'Hot Fuzz' Danny Butterman especially, Nicholas Angel becomes less of an automaton and becomes more human and Nick Frost’s character becomes less of a simpleton and more of a badass. So then the thing is like, when that’s your starting point for the next one, where do you go from there?"

So, apart from the fact that Hot Fuzz is the cinematic definition of awesome, it's the only story in Wright's filmography that has the potential to extend story arcs. As the movie ends with the notion that it's just the beginning of an eternal friendship between Nicholas Angel and Danny Butterman, could Wright look to turn it into a Lethal Weapon-esque trilogy of its own?

Even though these are interesting avenues for the director to explore, Wright's schedule is currently swamped with upcoming projects and fans might have to wait a little longer to get a Hot Fuzz sequel. So, until further news about the movie hits the internet, Edgar Wright fans can head to theaters on June 28, 2017 to check out Baby Driver.

Do you want a sequel to Hot Fuzz? Are there any other sequels that Edgar Wright should direct? Let me know in the comments!

(Source: Movieweb)


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