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Edgar Wright has released a film roughly every three years since his debut Shaun of the Dead, but it's been a slightly longer-than normal four years since his last movie, The World's End, in 2013.

Now, it looks like the director is no mood to take a break. His latest film, Baby Driver, has been getting all the praise since it bowed at SXSW; its release date was even pulled forward slightly to July 28, 2017 from August 11, 2017.

Back in 2014 Wright set his eyes on an adaptation of Andrew Smith's young adult novel, Grasshopper Jungle, and now New Regency is in final talks to acquire the rights to the story. Wright himself is on board as the director, along with producer Matt Tolmach and screenwriter Scott Rosenberg.

What Is 'Grasshopper Jungle' All About?

Grasshopper Jungle is a 2014 novel that follows Austin, who lives in the town of Ealing, Iowa. The story is narrated by Austin, through his entries in a personal journal. As a kid, Austin is sexually confused and has feelings for both his best friend and his girlfriend. Before you start thinking that this is another one of those teen comedies, it gets interesting.

After getting into a fight with the town bully, Austin's blood gets mixed up with an experimental chemical, which begins to turn everyone into praying mantises. Not just some people, but everyone catches the virus, turning into hybrids of man and mantis. If you think you've seen or heard about this before, you are right. It was the plot of an episode from Rick and Morty.

'Rick and Morty' [Credit: Adult Swim]
'Rick and Morty' [Credit: Adult Swim]

Why Is 'Grasshopper Jungle' Perfect For Edgar Wright?

Wright has already destroyed the world by infesting it with zombies in Shaun of the Dead. He destroyed a small town while taking down a cult in Hot Fuzz and has literally obliterated humankind in The World's End. So, giant praying mantises taking over the world is probably the most perfect thing that Wright has set his eyes upon.

Not only that, but he has successfully made a witty and visually energetic movie about a 20 year old boy who has to fight 7 evil exes in order to date his dream girl, Ramona, in Scott Pilgrim V/S The World. Therefore, making Grasshopper Jungle an amalgamation of his love for apocalyptic situations and teenage comedy means we're really in for a treat.

'Scott Pilgrim V/S The World' [Credit: Universal Pictures]
'Scott Pilgrim V/S The World' [Credit: Universal Pictures]

As Wright has shown his love for practical effects in Shaun of the Dead and The World's End, I am hoping that he'll take that route again to give us some gnarly and realistic monsters. To top it all off, as the story is set in a small town, we will probably get to see Wright's signature opening sequences, where he sets up the entire movie.

Grasshopper Jungle is totally in Edgar Wright's area of expertise. Until we get a final word about how they're going to go about the adaptation, we'll look forward to Baby Driver, Wright's upcoming musical, which is looking to be another hit for the director.

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