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Hold on to your Scientology handbooks– Tom Cruise will be back in , and director Doug Liman is already making some grandiose claims for the upcoming "sequel that's a prequel".

While he's still not going in to too much detail, Liman – who will be directing the film – has promised that his new approach is "going to revolutionize how people make sequels." initially pitched the idea for the sequel to screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie, indicating that he'll probably have a bit of creative input in the process.

In Edge of Tomorrow, Cruise's character William Cage finds himself trapped in the midst of a dystopian Groundhog Day as he struggles over and over again to save the earth from an alien invasion using his newfound time travel powers. This leaves a wide timeline for Edge of Tomorrow 2 to cover. Could we be getting a glimpse at the events that preceded the alien invasion, or will Cage be returning once more to relive that same epic day?

Given Edge of Tomorrow's initial mediocre box office ratings, it's not surprising that Liman is making such big promises to ensure the sequel's success. However, it certainly wouldn't be the first time a franchise has felt the need to work some new tricks to pique interest. Remember these weird sequels?

'Army of Darkness'

Universal Pictures
Universal Pictures

If the latest episode of The Walking Dead has taught us anything, it's that nothing spices up a tired zombie narrative than an unexplained medieval setting. After an incantation-gone-wrong sends hero Ash back to the year 1300AD at the end of Evil Dead II, the mighty chin himself must prove himself to King Arthur and his knights in order to complete his search for the Necronomicon.

Despite the abundance of swords and fair maidens, the kingdom is also rife with deadites. Luckily, Ash is still in possession of his handy shotgun and chainsaw hand. Ridiculous, yes, but would you expect anything less from a franchise that practically defined absurd horror?

'Return To Oz'

Walt Disney Pictures
Walt Disney Pictures

Before Fairuza Balk played psychotic teen witch Nancy in The Craft, she was portraying a slightly different kind of unstable girl in Return to Oz. After returning home to the farm and refusing to shut up about her Emerald City shenanigans, Dorothy is sent to a psychiatric hospital to undergo shock therapy treatment. The film does an odd job of answering all those questions that absolutely none of us were left with in the 45 years since The Wizard of Oz, and even features a talking chicken sidekick, because Toto literally got left behind on the way to the psych ward.

The weirdest part would have to be the extremely creepy 'wheelers', which look like a bunch of crust punks who decided to merge rollerblading with the recent disturbing 'evil clown' trend.

'The Butterfly Effect 2'

New Line Cinema
New Line Cinema

It's likely that The Butterfly Effect served as inspiration for Edge of Tomorrow, given the common themes in utilising time travel to try and change the future. As intense as The Butterfly Effect was, its sequel is slightly tamer.

The film's protagonist Nick leads a fairly average life, and while he initially sets out to use his time travel powers to save the lives of those he loves, the struggles he faces seem to revolve around office politics. In the first film, the consequences of altering the future including disability, child abuse and murder. This time round, the writers opted to focus on the horrors of working in sales- with predictable outcomes.

'The Rage: Carrie 2'


If the original Carrie was a metaphor for not picking on the weird religious girl at school, then Carrie 2 is an analogy for the wonders of abstinence. It essentially follows the same formula as the original: lonesome outcast with crazy Christian mother is taken under the wing of the popular crowd who plan on humiliating her. Except in this sequel, Rachel – the secret half-sister of Carrie White – finds herself in caught up in the school football team's sex scoreboard. Oh, and she has a magic tattoo.

While Rachel does eventually get to exact her telekinetic revenge on the insufferable bro dudes of the story, she also dies a gruesome death in the process. In fact, so do all the teenage girls who lose their virginities in this film. Let's hope Tom Cruise's character doesn't try to pull any moves on Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow 2.

'S. Darko'

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

While Donnie Darko presented us with some pretty abstract concepts on quantum physics to wrap our heads around, that was nothing compared to the complexity of S. Darko. The story follows Donnie's younger sister Samantha, who embarks on a wholesome road trip that takes a turn for the weird.

Ghosts, multiple realities and a radioactive meteor make for one shaken-up space-time continuum. Not to mention the plot loosely revolves around the case of a missing local boy. And here I was thinking that the Smurfs theory from the first film was a bit out there.


Will 'Edge of Tomorrow 2' deliver as promised, or will it be another tired sequel?

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