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Just yesterday we were gushing about the fastastic cast of ’s first comedy, which in itself is already quite the event, considering that the filmmaker has mostly portrayed the bleaker sider of life in films such as Amores Perros, 21 Grams and Biutiful.

Birdman, based on a Raymond Carver short story, stars ex-Batman as an washed up actor, who once portrayed an iconic superhero and now wants to reclaim his former glory by playing a supporting role in a Broadway play. In the three days leading up to the premiere the actor has to face an uphill battle to not go crazy as the production spirals out of control.

(The Amazing Spider-Man 2), (The Hangover Part III) and (The Impossible) co-star.

If you perceive a certain irony in casting in the role of an over-the-hill ex-superhero, prepare to get a bit more of the same, as, according to Deadline, ex-Hulk and two-time Academy Award nominee is joining the cast in the rather awesome sounding role of the egotistical lead actor of the play, who is mainly responsible for the production going down the drain.

's career hasn’t really been going where it should, considering what a great actor he is. One reason for this may be, that Norton has a bit of a history as a troublemaker, having notoriously clashed with Marvel over which cut of The Incredible Hulk should be released. Hence, the role of a stage diva gone wild, doesn't sound too far out of his comfort zone.

In any case: Norton is a brilliant actor and we're very happy that his career is picking up speed again. As for Birdman, color us very, very excited!


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