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Can you imagine anything more awesome than having your product take center stage in one of the most hyped sequels of this year? No, and the guys over at Eggo probably can't believe it either — but, amazingly for them, that's what's happening.

When dropped the teaser trailer for their upcoming second season at the Super Bowl this weekend, they kicked it off with a clip from a vintage '80s ad for the waffle-y treats — starring Jason Hervey a.k.a. Wayne Arnold from old school classic The Wonder Years, no less. Check it out:

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Talk about bangin' product placement! And queue everyone on the internet running to their local grocery store to stock up, thanks to instantaneous, hard-core sugar cravings. I could certainly go for a pack or 12 right now, couldn't you?

To make those cravings all the more intense, Eggo's official Twitter responded to the trailer in the most perfect way — posting a gif of upside down waffles (in obvious reference to Stranger Things' Upside Down), alongside a flipped caption that reads: "Did something seem strange about that Eggo commercial?"

Color me hungry!

Stranger Things 2 will air on October 31, 2017 on . (Sob).

How much are you craving Eggo waffles right now?


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