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We're about a week away from seeing any sort of footage from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, because we know that will be showing off some crazy fun scenes at next week's Comic-Con.

Still, we've had our fair share of special treats. Earlier this week we saw a Spidey-centric cover for Entertainment Weekly's Comic-Con issue. And that very same issue contains some of the sequel's new images, including as a wall-crawly Peter Parker, a look at his girl-squeeze , 's angry truck-driving Rhino, and 's Electro - who appears as a pre-and-post electrical catastrophe, a mega nerd who's been crushed one too many times and turns into a lethal badass. I'm totally down with that!

Take a look for yourself:

(via WeGotThisCovered)

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens on May 2, 2014.


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