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The cast might have celebrated the 100th episode of The Vampire Diaries in November but now its finally almost our turn to have a slice of the pie.

While and 's real life break up might have gone sickeningly smoothly, Delena are not having such an easy ride.

In the brand-new clip a cheesed-off looking Elena is delivered a 'break up breakfast' by her chirpy chum Caroline (). While she does not look entirely enamoured with the situation, Damon is suffering on the other side of town.

The undead ultra-babe is clearly not overjoyed about putting the relationship to bed and is taking solace in a bottle of tequila the size of his head.

Take a look at the clip for yourself below: [[yt:kJtlmVjBI68]]

While some people aren't impressed with Caroline's barely concealed joy about the disintegration of Delena, I can't really blame her. The relationship has been incredibly destructive to Elena and when someone says;

I am a bad person, I am bad for you and I am choosing to let you go

it is probably prudent to take their warnings to heart.

Do you agree that the disbanding of Delena will be good for Elena and Damon or, is their passionate love affair just not ready to end?

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