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Sarah Gibson

Even though Wilfred Season 3 could change direction now that showrunner has quit the project, I'm still monumentally excited for catching up with the insane adventures of Ryan () and his imaginary friend (). It's concept might seem barking mad, but the FX comedy show following a depressive man and a human-sized dog has some serious bite. Sorry...

So, all those who are with me can pour themselves a glass of loopy juice and toast to the Season's June 20th premiere date!

The news comes to us from The Playlist, who report that the show "will kick off with back-to-back episodes". I couldn't be happier about Wildred's return. This programme may actually be a work of minor genius. It's not for everyone, but then a comedy show about a misogynistic, evil, self centred, pot-smoking, sex-obsessed dog and his depressed owner won't be for everyone, will it?!

Will you be tuning in to Wilfred on June 20th?


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