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DC is certainly cementing its omniscient presence on the CW's TV schedule in the coming years. With Greg Berlanti's four Arrowverse shows, Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, as well as the upcoming Black Lightening show and the Rob Thomas produced iZombie, DC's shows have certainly been thriving at the network. So it makes sense that Elizabeth Banks would think of The CW as the perfect home for a new show about a DC comics character.

Traci 13 [Credit: DC Comics]
Traci 13 [Credit: DC Comics]

According to Variety, the CW is developing a one-hour drama centered around DC comic character Traci Thirteen and her father the Ghost Breaker, . The series is set to revolve around a twenty-something forensic scientist who, after discovering her powers and reconnecting with her estranged father, solves paranormal cases with him. Entitled Project 13, the series will be executive produced by Elizabeth Banks, Max Handelman and Daegan Fryklind, with Fryklind also writing the show.

In the comics, Traci 13 is a 'Homo Magi', a human with magical powers, and has a recurring role in several high profile comic books without ever getting her own solo series. Doctor Thirteen (who investigates reports of possible supernatural activity in order to prove them to be hoaxes) has had a richer comic book history. He's one of the few characters who has appeared both in DC Comics and its imprint Vertigo Comics, and has interacted with everyone from Batman to Frankenstein's monster.

The 13's Will Feel Right At Home On The CW

'Doctor Thirteen' [Credit: DC Comics]
'Doctor Thirteen' [Credit: DC Comics]

What's interesting about the Thirteen family is that they have never been given much spotlight, despite being part of the main DC continuity since their inception. They've been featured in everything from Flashpoint to New 52 with Traci making an appearance in DC's Rebirth as well. With so many DC comic shows on the same network, it certainly seems plausible that this one could be set in the . It's also important to mention that Doctor Thirteen was set to be featured in Constantine at one point, and with the Hellblazer joining the Arrowverse, it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility for Matt Ryan's join the supernatural horror drama.

Despite a dalliance with Blue Beetle, Traci is also known for being one of the few characters in DC lore, with DC's Rebirth reboot firmly confirming her status as a lesbian. If The CW decides to be authentic with this character's representation, it would be another example of how diverse the network's slate of DC is. Needless to say, with in development, DC is fully intent on showcasing all sides of its vast universe on TV.

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(Source: Variety)


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