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Some franchises just can't be killed, and is proving to be one of those. Not that we're complaining though. Twenty-one years on from the popular Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, the Power Rangers reboot feature has been picking up a fair pace now ahead of its March 2017 release.

Since the original Mighty Morphin TV series captured popular imagination back in the early '90s, there've been more Power Rangers spin-off shows than you can shake a zord at — featuring aliens, dinosaurs, orgs, ninjas, computer viruses and space police. The newest iteration stars a host of young newcomers as the Rangers: Naomi Scott, Becky G, RJ Cyler, Ludi Lin, and Dacre Montgomery — and Hollywood heavyweight Elizabeth Banks as the infamous .

In a cute new marketing twist to promote the movie's upcoming release, Rita Repulsa has "taken over" the Power Rangers official Twitter account over the past day, engaging with fans in character and releasing a few new promo images of the villainess.

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As we saw back when the first look at Rita was released, she's still looking awfully green. But at least she's kept the self-adoration and sardonic wit that we knew and loved from Machiko Soga's original take on the character in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers premiere season. Pity she hasn't taken any fashion tips from her predecessor though.

She certainly looks like she's crawled out from 10,000 years of imprisonment in a space dumpster, as the torn clothing and smudges of dirt on her body seem to attest to, so at least we have that. Killer eyeshadow though.

Perhaps the most interesting image to come out of the Twitter frenzy was a full body shot of Banks in costume, wielding a pretty nasty looking scepter. "Rita" posted this picture on Twitter to announce her arrival, writing:

After eons locked away… I’m FREE! I have plans for your pitiful planet. Stay tuned.

'Power Rangers' [Credit: Lionsgate]
'Power Rangers' [Credit: Lionsgate]

She's looking more reptilian than ever here, with the torn green costume, the slicked back hair, gold inlay, eyebrow implants that would give body-modifiers wet dreams and those nasty looking golden claws.

The massive weapon topped with a glowing stone casts some allusions toward Studio's Loki and the scepter he wields in The Avengers, apparently magical glowing scepters are the in thing with villains now. It's got a pretty nasty-looking maw on it though, we're betting the Rangers are going to want to keep their distance from that thing when Rita Repulsa rocks up to cause trouble for them next year.

Power Rangers is set for a March 24, 2017 release date in the US. What do you think about this reimagined Rita? Sound off in the comments below!

'Power Rangers' [Credit: Lionsgate]
'Power Rangers' [Credit: Lionsgate]

(Source: Lionsgate, via Twitter)


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