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After producing musical comedy Pitch Perfect, Elizabeth Banks is going one step further with the sequel and stepping behind the camera to direct the movie that goes to stranger places than Glee would ever dare, Pitch Perfect 2.

THR is reporting that the Hunger Games actress will also be back in the movie, after her small but hilarious role in the first film, where she played one of the commentators who oversaw the movie's numerous a cappella competition scenes.

Although Banks played an active creative role in the conception of the original Pitch Perfect, her talent as a director is relatively unknown. Still, the studio seems pretty confident in her abilities, as Universal Pictures told sources that:

Elizabeth originated the idea for Pitch Perfect and was instrumental in making the first film such a huge success. She brings an enormous amount of energy and experience to everything she works on and we’re thrilled that she is making her feature directorial debut on Pitch Perfect 2.

From her role as the perky Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games franchise, to Pitch Perfect, Banks has proven herself as a resilient actress. I can't wait for her to deliver another consistent, spewy stream of laughs as director when Pitch Perfect 2 arrives in theaters next year.

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