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With so many new communities having been introduced in in recent weeks, a whole bunch of new characters are also making their onscreen debuts. Last week, during Episode 3, we went inside the world of the Saviors, but it seems like we're not done meeting them all yet, with actress Elizabeth Ludlow cast as a Savior named Arat.

Ludlow, who has also starred in Max Steel and TV series Satisfaction, describes herself as a "friend of Lucille" in her twitter bio, so there's no doubt that Arat will be one strong woman. She joins Linsley Register's character, Laura (the tough girl playing drinking games with Dwight at the start of Episode 3) in the small group of female Saviors. Of course we did see several other female Saviors back in Season 6, but Carol and Maggie made short work of them.

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Arat appears next to Dwight in the trailer [AMC]
Arat appears next to Dwight in the trailer [AMC]

Although Arat is yet to make a proper onscreen debut, we've actually already seen footage of her in action during the official Season 7 trailer! It was only brief, but Arat appears in the small snippet where we see her alongside Dwight who is shooting at someone off screen. It was even rumored that her character will appear during a car chase scene, and the rumor coupled with her brief appearance in the trailer definitely seems to confirm that.

But who are Arat and Dwight shooting at during the car chase scene? Well, that remains unclear at this stage. It looks like it could be a character with relatively short hair, though I think all of us are secretly hoping it's Daryl trying to make his escape.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 4 on November 13.

What's been your favorite part of The Walking Dead Season 7 so far?

The walker fence at the Saviors base [AMC]
The walker fence at the Saviors base [AMC]


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