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Nick Fury isn't the only person with secrets in the MCU; as we all know, Marvel Studios itself is just as secretive—maybe that's where Fury learned it from. Going as far as to keep entire plots and future scenes from its actors until they begin filming the necessary scenes, and the infamous, mythical "Marvel snipers," the company does not mess around when it comes to keeping spoilers and leaks on lockdown.

With how anticipated the upcoming Avengers films are, it's no surprise that wants to keep all the juiciest details as tightly guarded as possible given the recent history of leaks being spilled by...well, let's be real: Tom Holland. It's Tom Holland. Yet, he's not the only actor who has accidentally said something that he probably shouldn't have let slip, even if it's all in fun.

Contractually, the actors are obligated to keep plot details a secret, but with the recent push for secrecy, Marvel has upped the ante and been keeping the MCU actors in the dark about what's going on through the rest of the films and with the other characters. While on CBS' The Late Show, explained just how secretive Marvel truly was as she joked with Stephen Colbert that she had to sign quite a few "top-secret" papers before boarding the Good Ship Marvel. As you do.

[Credit: CBS / Scott Kowalchyk]
[Credit: CBS / Scott Kowalchyk]

Even though Olsen and Colbert were joking about how secretive Marvel is, the truth is that the studio doesn't want to take any chances. When Colbert asked Olsen for anything she can say about what happens in , she remained as tight-lipped as anyone else in the MCU (minus Tom Holland, naturally):

"This time, they actually decided to not give us scripts. They gave me my pages and then they explained other things that are happening."

With still several months away, it's interesting to hear that Marvel is starting to crack down on any leaks in the universe and trying to keep as many details secret before the most expansive MCU film hits theaters on May 4th, 2018.

Are you anxious to learn more about the upcoming Avengers film?

[Source: E! Online]


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