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Mark Newton

When we last heard news about Finding Nemo 2, I made some sly, pretty bad joke about how the sequel was redundant considering Nemo had, quite categorically, been found in the first movie. However, I've been proven well-and-truly wrong because the sequel will in fact be called Finding Dory.

It seems (who voiced Dory) has been a strong advocate for a Finding Nemo sequel. She announced the new movie yesterday on her Ellen DeGeneres Show. Check out the clip below:

(via Youtube)

Despite all of Ellen's claims, Finding Dory will in fact, after Toy Story, Cars and Monsters Inc., be only the fourth Pixar movie to get a sequel. Still, are you happy to see Dory become the main focus in the Finding Nemo sequel, or does it all sound a bit fishy? Let me know what you think below.


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