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Things got mega (read: deliciously) awkward on the Ellen show this week. Ellen Degeneres totally forgot that Katy Perry — who'd dropped by to promote her upcoming album, Witness — was married to Russell Brand, and the singer's reaction made a face-palm error excruciatingly cringe.

The pair were about to play a game called "Will You Perry Me" — a riff on Would You Rather — when Katy said, "Do I have to get married AGAIN?!" And Ellen's face was all like "girl, WTF are you talking about," before actually saying (and I paraphrase) "girl, WTF are you talking about, you were not married..."

The rest of the "conversation" went as follows:

  • Katy: "I was, when I was 25."
  • Ellen: "Were you?"
  • Katy: "'s been a long time, honey..."
  • Ellen: "To who?"
  • Katy: "... no wrinkles, no lines."
  • Ellen: "To who?"
  • Katy: (whispers) "His name was Russell Brand."
  • Ellen: "Oh that's right, I forgot about Russell."

We can only imagine that "shit, shit, shit" was running through Ellen's post brain-fart grey matter at that point; after all, making a guest whisper the name of their ex-husband on your TV show is hardly ideal. However, the situation could have been laughed off pretty easily, if it weren't for Katy's fairly mad reaction:

  • Katy: "Remember you gave me some wedding gifts ON THIS SHOW?!"
  • Ellen: "Yes, I do."
  • Ellen: (laughing) "Yeah ... that'll be cut out [of the broadcast]."
  • Katy: "YAH, RIGHT!"

Clearly, it was not COOL COOL COOL. Watch the awks unfold for yourself:

To be fair to Ellen, who hadn't repressed the fact that and were once a thing — other than Katy, of course? So much has happened in the Perry-verse since their divorce in 2012: She had a wang-out paddleboat ride with ex-BF Orlando Bloom, she wore diamond-encrusted grills to the MTV Awards and she's had a load of chopped carrots flung at her vag. When all that's going down, who gives AF about Brand?

Do you think Katy's reaction was a tad OTT?


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