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Brian Salisbury

's return as Kitty Pryde in 's X-Men: Days Of Future Past is not her only upcoming foray into cinematic comic book adaptations. No, I'm not talking about the nebulous Kitty Pryde spinoff that wants to get off the ground. Apparently, Page is currently in negotiations to take on the role of Tara Chace in Fox's big screen adaptation of 's graphic novel Queen & Country. The graphic novel centered on Chace, a British secret agent dealing with a compromised identity and personal demons as well as, you know, terrorists. According to Variety, Fox has been wanting to set Page up with her own franchise for a while given her track record of success with both the parent company and Fox Searchlight.

This seems a bit...odd to me. I like the idea of there being a kickass female spy franchise to rival the Jason Bourne series, but Page doesn't strike me as being a strong physical actress. That's not to undercut her talents as a performer, but she's just not the first name that rolls off your tongue when someone asks you to name a potential female action star. I was actually kind of hoping that 's Haywire would turn into a franchise, but alas that doesn't look to be the case. Still, my doubts about Page as a viable ass-kicker may prove short-sighted. I mean honestly, did anyone think would be a suitable Jason Bourne when that piece of casting first broke?

What do you guys think?


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