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, ​​the South African director who gained notoriety for his gritty apartheid sci-fi, District 9, and his latest -starring blockbuster, Elysium, is already discussing his next movie... And it sounds awesome.

According to the LA Times, Blomkamp revealed that Chappie will be like 's RoboCop - only funny! Co-written with his wife, , Blomkamp will again team up with his friend and star of District 9, . Here's what he said about the project:

If you mixed 'RoboCop' with 'E.T.' and it was... funny, that's what it is.

I love it already. The setup for Chappie, by comparison to District 9 and Elysium, doesn't read as being so much of an obvious attempt to address social issues, but no doubt Blomkamp and Tatchell's script will work some politics in there, somehow.

Inspired by one Blomkamp's own short movies, Chappie will focus on a rather poor society where robots are responsible for security. But two criminals are aiming to steal one of them to serve their own nefarious interests. The thugs will be played by Ninja and , members of the famous rap group Die Antwoord.

Do YOU want to see cinematic social commentary fused to with two of the most awesome blockbusters of the 80s? Sound off below!


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