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A few days ago, we FINALLY got the first trailer for Elysium, 's long-awaited follow-up to 2009's District 9. It was intense, gripping, and showcased a lot of the privilege-vs.-poverty theme that weaves throughout much of Blomkamp's work.

Today, Sony has released a handful of images from the film that show, among other things, Max () getting suited and booted with his exoskeleton. They also show bounty hunter Kruger () getting fit with his own body armor, and Secretary Delacourt () making some tough decisions up in her ivory tower. Or would that be titanium tower?

Awesome, right?

In the lead-up to Elysium being released in four months, Sony has also re-launched the official website for the movie ( It was pretty basic before, with simply a few images and a Sony logo or two, but now it's much more interactive and dynamic, with character profiles, PSAs about the anti-immigration laws, a cool piece on the film's score (which sounds like a Hybrid song remixed by Skrillex), and information about the companies that run the gargantuan space station.

August 9th. That's how long we have until Elysium is in theaters. Let the countdown begin, and click [[follow]] to stay on top of any news coming from the world of Elysium.


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