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So far in Season 2 of Shadowhunters we've watched as many of our fave characters have been coming to terms with the various trials in their lives; Simon is struggling with being a new vampire, Clary just lost her mom, and both her and Jace are still dealing with that whole sibling/lovers deal. However, in Episode 5 it was somewhat of a surprise to see that Isabelle, the strong rock of the group, may be about to enter a dark spiral of her own.

[Credit: Freeform]
[Credit: Freeform]

After being injured in Episode 4, Izzy turned to Victor Aldertree to help with her wound and was given the warlock drug Yin Fen to help with healing. While the drug instantly helped with Izzy's injury, Aldertree gave it to her with the rather ominous warning to use sparingly, which fans will know should be heeded, given that Yen fin is highly addictive and very dangerous. And according to the actress behind Izzy, Emeraude Toubia, this is just the beginning for a dangerous journey for Izzy. Toubia told Movie Pilot:

"Isabelle is going go down this path... She trusts the wrong person — she may fall in love with the wrong person — and it's going to affect her relationship with her brother, with Clary. Season 1 we see Isabelle being strong, powerful, fearsome, and Season 2 we're going to see her very vulnerable, we're going to see her break."

Aldertree and Izzy [Credit: Freeform/Netflix]
Aldertree and Izzy [Credit: Freeform/Netflix]

There was definitely some obvious flirting between Izzy and Aldertree in Episode 5, but given that he introduced Izzy to Yen Fin it added a sort of sinister tone to any potential romance. That, coupled with Toubia's warning that Izzy falls in love with the wrong person, means the this pair seems like a disaster from the outset.

Although careful not to let slip any spoilers, Toubia did reveal that her favorite episodes of Season 2 are Episodes 7, 8 and 9, and added that she hoped "Izzy can come out of this situation that she's going through."

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Speaking more generally about Isabelle and why she was such a popular character with fans, Toubia was incredibly grateful that fans identify with Izzy, though she had an inkling about why she was so relatable. Toubia said.

"It's really nice to see so much love that people have for Izzy... Its very nice to see that people really relate to her and I just feel she's real. She fights for equality, she believes that no one should be treated any different than another person."

But finally, with Izzy looking to start something with Aldertree (for better or for worse), as well as Simon possibly embarking on a new relationship with werewolf Maia, can fans ever expect the much loved "Sizzy" from the book series to become a reality?! Toubia promises:

"It's gonna happen! It's gonna come to that point where you're finally going to see 'Sizzy.' I've been shooting a couple scenes with Alberto and it's been great, I love working with him — I didn't really get to work with him much in [Season] 2a, but in 2b I think we're really going to grow close to each other, Isabelle and Simon are going to grow close."

She added:

"A lot of things are going to happen that are from the books — very, very powerful moments from the books that we cannot change. But despite having such strong source materials, Toubia said that the series writers will still be adding "little twists and turns along the way just to make things exciting for the people who have already read the books so they don't know what's coming next."

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