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Game Of Thrones recently concluded its seventh season and, after that jaw-dropping finale, fans have been craving the eighth and final season of the fantasy drama. The hit HBO series could be off the air for up to two years, but filming on the last installment is set to commence later this year. While we're all dying to know some information about Season 8, it appears that Emilia Clarke has already given fans a taste of what's to come.

The actress took to Instagram today to reveal her new hair color and it's strikingly similar to that of her famous character Daenerys Targaryen. Check out the post below:

As you can see in the image above, Clarke's new look is reminiscent of her on-screen counterpart. While one could argue that the Me Before You actress simply decided it was time for a change, it's incredibly likely that she dyed her hair for the upcoming final season of , which is set to begin filming very soon.

What makes us think that? Well, if you look at Clarke's caption on the Instagram post, the actress thanks the creators of the Daenerys wig for their "magnificence" and for their help in making her new hair color a reality. I don't know about you, but this certainly seems to suggest that Clarke will not be donning said wig for the final chapter of Game Of Thrones as she will be using her real hair instead. Moreover, Clarke included the hashtag suggesting that it's a new chapter for Daenerys.

Will Daenerys Cut Her Hair in Season 8?

Dany's hair was much longer in S7. [Credit: HBO]
Dany's hair was much longer in S7. [Credit: HBO]

Ever since we met her back in Season 1, Daenerys has never taken a pair of scissors (or whatever the Westerosi equivalent of scissors would be) to her long luscious locks. The character's hairstyle has been a significant part of her character growth; as Danenerys grew, both emotionally and physically, so did her hair. In the latest season, her hair had become so long that the Mother of Dragons had to heavily braid it down her back to keep it out of her face when flying her dragons into battle.

If Clarke's real hair is used instead of the signature wig, then it would suggest that the Mother of Dragons is getting a haircut in Season 8. While one could argue that it's long overdue, there's a chance that this could spell trouble for the Breaker of Chains. If you remember back to Season 1, Viserys told Dany that it's Dothraki tradition for the warriors to cut off their braided hair when they are defeated in battle.

It appears that Dany has adopted this tradition, as her hair was not only longer in Season 7, it was braided more than ever (much like Khal Drogo's signature look back in Season 1). Could the Khaleesi's shorter style be suggesting that she may face a loss this season? Let's hope not, she's heading into the two biggest battles of her life, (the battle for the throne and the battle against the army of the dead) so Westeros will need its Dragon Queen at one hundred percent to defeat the imminent threats. Let's hope this hairstyle is simply a change for the character and nothing more. Who knows, perhaps the show creators will opt for hair extensions instead of the wig.

Or maybe we're overthinking the whole thing and Emilia Clarke just fancied a change. Either way, the eighth season of Game Of Thrones can't come quick enough and, with Daenerys's alliance with Jon Snow coming to fruition, we cant wait to see what lies in store of the mother of Dragons in Game Of Thrones' final chapter.

Do you want to see Daenerys get a haircut in Game of Thrones Season 8? Or were you a fan of the famous wig? Tell us in the comment section below.


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