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David Rodemerk

If you watch , then you may have your opinion on the on again, off again relationship that is Olicity: Oliver Queen () and Felicity Smoak (). Off screen, we know that Amell will appear on the upcoming season of American Ninja Warrior to show off his well-known parkour skills. I bet you didn't know that the other half of Olicity has a talent of her own? Emily Bett Rickards can sing!

Rickards recently paired up with YouTube star Travis Atreo, and the singing duo did their spin on Maroon 5's song "Sunday Morning." With the doing a musical-themed episode this season, maybe there's a chance we can see Felicity and the rest of the cast on Arrow do a musical episode of their own? We've already seen John Barrowman and Stephen Amell belt out "Do You Want to Build A Snowman?" Maybe it's time for Team Arrow to put down their weapons and step up to the microphone.


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