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A noticeable change in the wind can only mean one thing in 2018 and that is the appearance of our favorite nanny drifting over the horizon.

Indeed, author P.L. Travers's Mary Poppins will finally be floating back into our lives on her iconic umbrella in the upcoming Mary Poppins Returns movie. Set in Depression-era London, approximately twenty years following the events of the Julie Andrews 1964 version, the focus will be on a grown-up Jane and Michael Banks. Immerse yourself in all of that childhood nostalgia by re-watching the siblings inspecting their "tricky" new nanny's peculiar carpet bag:

Although it's still unclear whether this version will also scoop up five Oscars, including Best Actress for the leading lady, it's certainly got a stellar cast giving it great potential. For starters, we know British actress Emily Blunt will be playing the part of the magical Mary, Hamilton star Lin-Manuel will take on Miranda (Mary's friend), Hollywood legend Meryl Streep will step in as a cousin and Ben Winshaw is the older Michael Banks.

Now though, another familiar face has joined in on the fun — Emily Mortimer has just been cast as the grown-up Jane Banks in Mary Poppins Returns.

The actress is best known for appearances in 30 Rock, Lars and the Real Girl, Harry Brown, Shutter Island, The Newsroom and most recently, TV show Doll & Em. Emily is certainly a welcome addition to the movie's epic cast.

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Although there are limited details milling about regarding the 2018 movie, we do know that it will focus predominantly on Jane and Michael as tragedy strikes the family. Their beloved nanny makes a return to help them waft away the dark clouds and rediscover what it means to be happy and experience joy again.

Mary Poppins Returns is expected to waltz into cinemas on December 25, 2018.


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