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We all appreciate a birthday message from our friends and family, but getting a birthday wish from Eminem would be pure class. Recently, the US rapper wished his close friend, 50 Cent, a happy birthday — by telling 50 Cent that he was the reason Eminem wanted to quit rapping.

Wishing his collaborator, 50 Cent, a happy 42nd birthday on Instagram, Eminem rapped the second verse of “Places To Go” off the 8 Mile soundtrack, claiming that it was the verse that made Eminem want to quite rapping. Check out the post below:

“Yo Fif. First off I want to say happy birthday.

Secondly, I want to remind you of a verse you did, that made me want to quit rapping.

That made me want to stop rapping, for a long time. Anyways man, happy birthday, love you homey, peace.”

Sharing the video on his own page, 50 Cent thanked Eminem by saying: "Thank you Eminem. You know you’re still the best in the world to me man, I love you bro.”

A bit of brotherly love is what we all need in our lives, and as it shows, Eminem is perfect man for it.

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