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Back in 2014, rapper Eminem and his publishers at 8 Mile Style sued the New Zealand National Party for allegedly plagiarizing the song "Lose Yourself" for their campaign jingle. The case was finally settled this year, and the real Slim Shady won a grand total of $415,000 (or $600,000 in New Zealand's currency) as compensation.

But instead of keeping the money for himself, Eminem donated all of his court winnings to the relief efforts of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, which devastated the southern United States and Caribbean. One of Eminem's representatives confirmed this sizable donation in a press statement:

“Eminem was not a party to this lawsuit nor was he consulted regarding the case. Any monetary settlement he receives from it will be donated to hurricane relief. He encourages the plaintiffs, 8 Mile Style, to do the same.”

The New Zealand-based political party used a jingle literally titled "Eminem Esque" for an election ad promoting their country's economy and job opportunities, and the tune's similarities to 's award winning song from 8 Mile were more than just coincidental. Check out the ad below, and judge it for yourself.

The court's verdict can be read below.

"The differences between the two works are minimal; the close similarities and the indiscernible differences in drum beat, the 'melodic line' and the piano figures make 'Eminem Esque' strikingly similar to 'Lose Yourself...' The similarities between the works overwhelmingly support a finding of copying."

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are two of the strongest and most damaging storms to hit American shores in recent memory, and the people in the affected regions will need all the help they could get. Eminem's sizable donation won't be able to solve all of the problems right away, but it's a good start in helping those who are in the most need right now.

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