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Mashall Mathers, better known as Eminem, is not one to mince his words. After ripping into Trump's platforms and promises during the height of the 2016 presidential race with the song "Campaign Speech," Eminem has returned to rip into Trump once more. Echoing the untamed anger of his Slim Shady alter ego, Eminem scathed the President in his newest song, "The Storm."

In his latest performance, tore into Trump's questionable priorities, provoking North Korea into a potential nuclear war and tweeting about peaceful protests in the National Football League (NFL) instead of focusing on more pressing matters.

“This is his form of distraction. Plus, he gets an enormous reaction. When he attacks the NFL, so we focus on that. Instead of talking about Puerto Rico or gun reform for Nevada. All of these horrible tragedies and he’s bored and would rather cause a Twitter storm with the Packers.”

The star of 8 Mile then took aim at the president's unspoken support of far-right ideologies and called out the former reality star for acts of racism.

"Trump, when it comes to giving a shit, you're stingy as I am. Except when it comes to having the balls to go against me, you hide 'em. 'Cause you don't got the fucking nuts like an empty asylum. Racism's the only thing he's Fantastic For. 'Cause that's how he gets his fucking rocks off and he's orange."

'8 Mile' [Credit: Universal Pictures]
'8 Mile' [Credit: Universal Pictures]

Before wrapping up his overall message, Eminem went on to rip into Trump's supporters and gave his own fans an ultimatum.

"From his endorsement of Bannon. Support from the Klansmen. Tiki torches in hand for the soldier that's black. And comes home from Iraq. And is still told to go back to Africa. Fork and a dagger in this racist 94-year-old grandpa. Who keeps ignoring our past historical, deplorable factors...

And any fan of mine who's a supporter of his. I'm drawing in the sand a line: you're either for or against. And if you can't decide who you like more and you're split. On who you should stand beside, I'll do it for you with this: Fuck you!"

In a performance already filled with choice quotes, one of the most defining moments occurred when Eminem raised his fist in the air and declaring his support for Colin Kaepernick, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback who started peacefully protesting against police brutality and racial injustice by kneeling during the national anthem.

"Fuck that! This is for Colin, ball up a fist! And keep that shit balled like Donald the bitch!"

Kaepernick was honored to be mentioned by the famous rapper, and has since shared his appreciation on Twitter – responding to Eminem directly with a short yet powerful message.

Following Eminem's take-down of Trump and everything he represents, one can only wonder whether the president will soon have something to say about the rapper's provocative video.

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