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Eminem has peeled back his tough persona and revealed his sensitive side by reaching out to help troubled star, Justin Bieber.

Eminem and Justin Bieber: A match made in heaven?

The controversial rapper has invited to his Detroit home over the Christmas period but 's festive plans involve a lot more than gifts and turkey. The 41-year-old star has Bieber in his sights with the hope of ‘talking him into therapy' after his often bizarre behaviour in recent times.

The Sun has reported that;

Eminem is really hoping he can sort Justin out. The way he's going he's worried he's going to end up in really bad trouble

Eminem also seems to know that the teenage tearaway will not do anything without an ample reward and he has extended a musical olive branch and offered to take Bieber to the studio. While this offer might be 'A dream come true for Justin', my poor ears are quietly trembling with fear at the prospect.

Does Justin Bieber have anger issues?

After spending my teenage years rocking a Marshal Mathers LP hoodie in a class where every single boy had bleached blonde hair, I can't help but feel that working with pops second most chaotic chipmunk (Miley wins) is a bit of a step down for Eminem.

What do you guys think of the rappers holiday hopes for troubled Bieber?

Source: Metro via The Sun

Images: The Daily Mail via Splash and Celebuzz



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