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For those of us trapped in the early noughties, still chiming bars about mom's spaghetti and hating on the Free World, it's easy to forget that 14 whole years have passed since the release of Eminem's , and that 14 years is enough time for a a cute little blonde girl to turn into a cute, not-so-little, functioning adult.

Chloe Greenfield had been on this planet for only seven years when Marshall Mathers scooped her up and blew the sweetest raspberry in her face, playing her on-screen brother in the 2002 semi-autobiographical movie. That clip — which features her being 100% cooler than I was at 7 — you can watch below:

Well, little Lily doesn't have to worry about it being past her bed T.I.M.E. anymore, for she's now 21 years old, meaning she can go to sleep whenever she wants, thank you very much. She can also drink legally, gamble, own a handgun, and obtain a concealed firearm license in most states, which may or may not be thing she actually wants to do but 313 life, bitches!

According to Greenfield 's Instagram account, she is still based in Detroit and acting (though her IMDb page credits E.R. as her last role, which concluded in 2009). And she looks like this now:

Yep! That's 's on-screen sister folks. And she's not just beautiful, the girl has style too.

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Rocking a half-shaved buzz cut vibe, Greenfield's hairstyle is hella hip. Which also goes for:

Top Of The Knots

Framed To Perfection

Looking good, Lily!

How much on a scale from one to Cheddar Bob did you love 8 Mile?


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