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Mark Newton

Although fairy-tale endings are supposed to be nice and happy, the mid-season premiere of Once Upon A Time proves that doesn't apply to fairy-tale beginnings. The town of Storybrooke returns to our screens on Sunday, and it wastes no time in getting a bit grim. Want to see what I mean? Well, check out the sneak peek below. But be forewarned, it contains some pretty big spoilers for Sunday's episode.

(via Hollywood Reporter)

So it looks like the town doctor Archie Hopper (or Jiminy Cricket as he's known in fairy-tale land) is Storybrooke's latest victim. Who could do such a thing? Well, Ruby thinks she knows. Do you?

Once Upon A Time returns at 8 pm on January 6th over on ABC. Tune in then to see how this mysterious case unravels.


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