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Will Wharton

If I ever made a movie — and it's not that far off: called my script "The Other Side of Love: A Space Story" the worst thing he's ever read in his life, which means he did read it — I would shoot it at the beach.

The script calls for lots of bikini-clad girls to just be rolling and tumbling all over each other and there's no safer/cleaner/sexier environment for this to happen than the beach.

Also, beaches tend to be quiet at night so if Adrian Brody (contract pending, he hasn't returned any of my calls) decided to dispose of a hooker during the night, he could absolutely do that with minimal fuss. Plus, I like the feeling of sand between my toes and fingers and legs: I will be naked for the entire shoot. (Too late to back out now investors.)

Another group of filmmakers who thought like me (thought probably not exactly like me) are the ones making the sure to be terrible UK comedy/action-fest Plastic. They decided to shoot the scenes with Brit babe Emma Rigby on the sand and it looks like everyone is benefiting from this wise decision.

Check out these snaps of Rigby on set:


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