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Will Wharton

Remember when reinvented himself as an Oscar-winning actor a few years back? I don't mean he became an actor and won an Oscar, I mean he just woke up one morning and said to himself 'you know what? I'm going to be in movies and pretend like I've won an Oscar'. And he did. And it worked... for a while, we all thought that a fresh new talent had jumped into movies, hot off his recent Oscar win for... well he at least got a nom right... wait, is that the feminine one from N'Sync? Thus Justin learned that he was going to have to do things the hard way and after a moderately interesting turn in The Social Network, all was forgiven.

, I think, may not be forgiven so easily. The normally stunning Miss Stone was photographed for W magazine recently and the pictures have now surfaced online. They're... not what I'm used to from the hot young actress. Some of you may appreciate Emma's new trashy hotel room look, more of which can be checked out below or on W's website, but to me, it all seems a little creepy? I mean seriously doesn't it look like Miss Stone just picked up her cheque at the drive-through she used to work at before she was fired and is now contemplating heading down a new path in life? Specifically one that involves motel rooms, outfits like this and married men? Shudder.


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