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's Crimson Peak has found its damsel in distress/first victim/kick-ass heroine, with Variety reporting that is in negotiations to star in the haunted house movie.

Plot details are so thin on the ground that they don't actually exist, but del Toro has given us some insight into the tone of the movie, revealing:

[Crimson Peak is a]...very set-oriented, classical but at the same time modern take on the ghost story. It will allow me to play with the conventions of the genre I know and love, and at the same time subvert the old rules. (via Deadline)

Del Toro has proven himself to be a master of bringing the supernatural to the screen in imaginative and, let's face it, s**t scary ways, while at the same time crafting films that are both beautiful and emotionally engaging. The Devil's Backbone was a seriously creepy ghost story, while Pan's Labyrinth both terrified me and broke my heart in equal measure.

As for Stone, everything she touches seemingly turns to box office gold at the moment. She smashed it out of the park as Gwen Stacey in The Amazing Spider-Man and stole the show in Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Crimson Peak will begin filming in February 2014, so we'll have to wait a while longer until we can open the doors to this particular haunted house. In the meantime, you can get all the spooky updates by hitting follow at the end of this sentence [[follow]].



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