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Ten years ago in the Judd Apatow-produced , moviegoers saw Seth () drunkenly pummel into Jules () outside of a crazy house party. During this year's Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards, it was Jonah Hill keeping an embarrassed Emma Stone standing upright.

Hill was on hand to present the Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role, which included such heavyweights as for Jackie, for Arrival, for Florence Foster Jenkins and for The Girl On The Train. Hill became elated as he presented the award to his Superbad co-star Emma Stone for .

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A visibly shaken Stone was shocked by the news and quickly went up on the stage, after hugging her handsome La La Land co-star, , to accept the honor. Hill comforted his close pal with a warm hug and one of the greatest genuine smiles we witnessed all night. She was given the "PLEASE WRAP UP" on the teleprompter after complimenting her fellow nominees and made a quick joke about already feeling somewhat "insecure a lot of the time."

Stone eventually finished up her speech when an ecstatic Hill wrapped his arm around her. Stone kept her hand over her forehead and shook her head as he excitedly escorted her offstage. It was an incredibly adorable moment that they will surely laugh about if we ever receive a Superbad reunion. Please — it's been 10 years, bring them back! Stone landed her first major role opposite Hill in the 2007 comedy and it is marveling to see just how far both of these individuals have come since those stupendous dick jokes.

Check out the delightful moment below:

(Source: E! News)

Would you be down for a 10-year Superbad reunion?


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