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Some creative people have taken to the Internet to invite their favorite celebrities to certain events. It has happened with , and more recently, with , with surprisingly successful results. Seeing that, Jacob Staudenmaier - a teenager from Arizona - took to social media to invite none other than Emma Stone to his prom.

Going the extra mile, though, Staudenmaier made sure that his invitation stood out. With the help of school friends, he filmed a video of himself recreating the opening highway scene from La La Land. He also made sure to detail how their date would go and that the actress knew what a catch he was:

The clever video gained a lot of traction. Thousands of people around the interwebs began sharing it, and many more encouraged to accept the offer. In light of that, the actress sent a letter to Jacob shortly after the video went viral.

That's pretty awesome on its own, but unfortunately, Stone said she would not be able to make their date due to work commitments that had her residing on a different continent. The hopeful student went on Good Morning America to reveal the content of the letter:

"Jacob, thanks for making the greatest proposal I have ever received. I can't tell you what an honor that was and how much I smiled through that entire beautifully orchestrated video. I'm in London working, but I hope you have the best time at Prom, and I'm grateful you thought of me. Thank you. P.S. I do see Gosling around the eyes. Love, Emma."

But don't jump to any conclusions just yet, because the story doesn't end there.

A Pretty Great Prom Gift

Despite having to turn down his Promposal, Stone made sure not to disappoint Jacob. As NBC 12 News revealed, she accomplished this by sending him a really awesome gift: A corsage for his date and a boutonniere for himself along with another hand-written letter:

The letter reads:

"Jacob, a little something for you and your lucky date tomorrow. Have a great time! Much love, Emma Stone."

Fortunately, the teenagers put the gifts to good use, as both Jacob and his date can be seen wearing them in a picture he uploaded to Instagram to capture the special occasion:

I must say, that was an awesome gift. After she sent that letter following his music video, the actress could have just left things there and move on. Instead, she made sure to be involved in the event, even if it was in a small way.

This gesture will surely be a great anecdote for her fans. Idolizing a star and later finding out they're not what they seem can be heart-breaking. But with this, Stone just proved she's just as awesome and sweet in real life as she in every interview.

[Source: NBC 12 News]


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