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This year's musical hit has been a major player in the award show circuit, and the pairing of and has contributed enormously to its success. Their chemistry together has brought up the inevitable comparisons to some of the most iconic pairings in Hollywood history, including Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers and real-life couple, Humphrey Bogart/Lauren Bacall. Although their on-screen chemistry is off the charts, Gosling has been settled for quite some time with partner Eva Mendes and the "will they or won't they" question between Stone and will continue until they eventually get married.

'Crazy Stupid Love' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Crazy Stupid Love' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

's passion project is the third collaboration between the two stars and will likely not be the last if audiences have any say in it. The two previously co-starred in 2011's Crazy Stupid Love and 2013's Gangster Squad. If you're in need of some more GosStone love in your life, Variety Magazine met up with Stone backstage at this year's Oscars Lunch to ask her about her handsome co-star and whether a new collaboration is in the works.

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The 'Crazy Stupid Love' Audition

The Gosling questions were preceded with a quick apology just in case she was tired of being asked questions about the talented Canadian (I mean, who honestly would get tired of talking about him?). Stone, being the witty person she is, jokingly stated that she doesn't want to talk about him anymore and she was "sick to death of it!"

'Gangster Squad' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Gangster Squad' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

She went on to reveal something we most certainly already knew and thankfully had validated for us, collaborating with Gosling is:

"... Always so much fun, [he is] so easy to work with."

When asked if she remembers when she first met the beautiful specimen, Stone does not skip a beat and recalls the audition for their first collaboration, with some slight hesitation on the year:

"We met in the audition for 'Crazy Stupid Love,' which was the day after the Oscars, 2010."

Stone is quick to marvel at how it has almost been 7 years(!) since we first fell in love with the stylings of Stone/Gosling.

When Can We Expect A Future Collab?

Stone remains mum on when we will see the two on screen again for a fourth, fifth and sixth time, however she does joke that she is sure "people are really champing at the bit" for more — and we are, Emma! We will gladly chomp away for however long it takes to see these guys collaborate forever.

'74th Golden Globe Awards' [NBC]
'74th Golden Globe Awards' [NBC]


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