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Now, it would of course be foolhardy to claim any knowledge of the internal emotional well-being of megastar , but it seems fair to suggest that the latter months of 2016 aren't currently going entirely according to plan. Stone was, presumably, expecting to be spending the next few weeks riding a joyous wave of -themed critical acclaim and audience enjoyment, all in the shadow of the USA's first female president's election. Heck, if everything went to plan, she looked all but certain to go into 2017 as a lock for an Oscar nomination, and as a genuine contender for victory.

Instead, though, the Damien Chazelle-directed La La Land is set to arrive in the immediate wake of not only the most divisive electoral campaign in recent memory, but also the election of a man whose orange, orange face and miniature hands somehow managed to distract millions of voters from the fact that he was remarkably OK with the Klu Klux Klan endorsing him for president of the United States of America. Which is something of a downer for anyone who's fond of old fashioned notions like "civil rights" and "not teaming up with murderous racists for any reason whatsoever."

That number, it seems, includes one Emma Stone, but thankfully her response to the election result was far more eloquent — and inclusive — than certain other people who just happen to be writing this sentence as we speak. In fact...

Emma Stone's Response To Donald Trump's Election Was Downright Touching

[La la Land/Summit Entertainment]
[La la Land/Summit Entertainment]

Speaking outside the recent Governors Ball in Los Angeles, Stone was asked for her thoughts on Trump's elevation to the highest office in the land, and while she revealed that it was "incredibly painful," she also made sure to note that the electoral result was "galvanizing," before adding that:

"I think it's a real wake up call and chance for us to all unite and do the very, very best we can to speak out and be brave."

Which is actually an intriguingly resonant response, when you think about it — no matter what side of the current political divide you find yourself on. Unlike many (predominantly white and male) commentators, Stone doesn't argue that we should all just forget our differences and unite behind a man who thinks it's acceptable to sexually assault women, accuse entire cultures of terrorism and cast aspersions as to the integrity of an individual based on their family backgrounds. Instead, she argues that we all need to come together to speak out, and to stand up for what we believe in — an approach that is remarkably similar to what defenders of Trump and his intolerant establishment allies have claimed that he has been doing this whole time.

What's more, rather than implying that electoral defeat demands acquiescence to a (largely fictional, in this case) "mandate," Stone's words seem to advocate a peaceful yet proactive counter-argument: An active opposition, in which unity can be found through differing viewpoints and brave words and actions, rather than merely though the blind acceptance of a small minority of ruling politicians' actions or the "easy out" of violence and political rancor.

Whether that sort of argument will hold up in the face of understandable fear among those Trump has long since made clear he doesn't consider equal (an ever-growing list that includes pretty much anyone who isn't a straight, white man with suitably conservative credentials) remains to be seen, of course — not least because there's every chance that a President Trump will create even greater division than the electoral campaign did. That, though, doesn't mean that it isn't worth working tirelessly to ensure that everyone's voice is heard, and that no one is cut adrift by the policies and propaganda that look set to dominate the next four years of Trumpian government.

As Stone put it, it's time "to speak out and be brave" — whichever side of the aisle you're sitting on.

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In the meantime, though, what do you think? Is Emma Stone's response to Trump's victory the right one? Let us know below!



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