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Now, with 's live-action adaptation of now mere weeks away from hitting theaters on March 17, it's perhaps not all that surprising that key details of the film's contents are beginning to make their way online. After all, the film is about as eagerly anticipated as a live-action adaptation of an animated classic could possibly be (until draws near, of course), and the good people of the interweb seem to be acting accordingly.

That, at least, would explain why it's now possible to watch two people dancing to (the movie's Mrs. Potts) singing the film's titular theme song. And, unsurprisingly:

You Probably Want To Hear Emma Thompson Sing 'Beauty And The Beast'

'Beauty and the Beast' [Disney]
'Beauty and the Beast' [Disney]

Be warned, though, the following footage — apparently sneakily captured during a recent gala event at Toronto's Casa Loma — isn't quite what you're going to get to hear (let alone see) when the movie hits theaters in a few weeks. As such, if you'd prefer to experience the film's (secondhand) magic in as fresh a fashion as possible, you may want to skip over it, and just watch the trailer at the bottom of the page for a second/thirteenth/thousandth time.

If you're game, though, the footage is, well, right here:

The song will, of course, be performed in full by Thompson during the movie itself, much as Angela Lansbury's version featured in the animated original, but fans will also be able to enjoy a duet version from Ariana Grande and John Legend while the credits roll.

Which, sure, isn't quite Celine Dion, but that's OK.

What do you think, though? Are you now even more excited to see Beauty and the Beast? Let us know below!



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