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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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Aside from the grand palaces, wardrobes stuffed with designer clothes, jewels and endless streams of admirers, if there's one thing that princesses are infamous for it's for being wealthy beyond our wildest dreams.

Staying true to her role as Belle in , has certainly lived up to her royal duty and is set to rake in big dollar, especially as the movie raked in a colossal $174 million over its three-day opening weekend in the US alone. Let's check out exactly how much Emma is going to cash in from this beastly Disney Live Action remake.

All Up In That Bling Ring: Emma Is No Stranger To Raking In The Big Bucks

Emma is no stranger to humongous pay packets. For playing the frizzy haired ultra boffin, Hermione Granger, in all 8 of the Harry Potter movies, she brought in a cosy $60 million. Emma was just 21-years-old when the franchise wrapped. 21. A year when most of us are just trying to work out if we will ever be able to afford to move out of our family home or, having managed to do so, choosing whether we want to afford food or travel expenses for the month.

Un-Belle-ivable! Emma Looks Set To Make $15 Million As The Beast's Bae

Beauty and the Beast [Credit: Walt Disney Motion Pictures]
Beauty and the Beast [Credit: Walt Disney Motion Pictures]

Doing what most savvy money-minded folk do, Emma secured herself a juicy $3 million upfront for Beauty and the Beast, completely unrelated to box office performance. However, due to the movie looking set to do similarly to Maleficent's worldwide takings of $759 million, it looks likely that Emma will actually be taking a fat $15 million home with her.

Emma's Huge Pay Cheque Could Buy Her 60 Trips To Space

For $15 million, Emma could purchase Rhianna's Pacific Palisades mansion, 60 flights to space as part of Virgin Galactic's 'Future Astronauts' program, or 428,571 collectable Belle figurines from the Disney store. Failing that, she could also spend the money to keep herself well stocked in her favorite pubic hair conditioner, known as 'fur oil' which, in a perfect world, she would use up to 3 times a day.


What would you spend $15 million on?

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