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has always been a fantastic activist and a red carpet role model, preferring sustainable and ethical gowns to the standard glitzy designer numbers that stars wear to premieres and award shows. Let's all give her a round of applause for making conscious fashion choices, and cross her fingers that more celebs will follow.

Now that that's done, however, I've got a bone to pick with eco-fashion's tendency of making everything look just a tad bit too homemade considering the high-end designers who actually produce these garments. If the fabric is made out of recycled bottles, that doesn't mean the dress has to actually look like a crafty patchwork, or like the tailor tried to save money on thread. There's got to be a better way to convey sustainable style, right?

Emma Watson In Custom Louis Vuitton

Case in point: Having just recently kicked off her press tour, Watson decided to create an Instagram account — soberly titled "The Press Tour" — and share her looks for her different stops, complete with detailed descriptions of the fabric and manufacturing of each garment. So far so good.

But then I take a look at this, and it really feels like we're pushing the whole "I'm really real" vibe too far:

As the caption indicates, the dress is custom Louis Vuitton, and "the dress fabric is Newlife recycled polyester, created from used plastic bottles." But between the collar that looks like an old bathing suit, the waist that's not really sure whether it was meant to be and the awkward shoulder strap/belt/wrap, it's a shame that it looks so hastily put together.

See also:

When you add that to Sophie Turner's Vuitton number on the Golden Globes red carpet, it really feels like a crazed intern is running around at night in the Vuitton offices with nothing but a staple and a glue gun.

If, like me, you're really just craving an old-fashioned yet well-tailored princess gown, you can always check out Emma Watson in her Belle outfits in the Beauty and the Beast trailer below:

What do you think of Emma's fashion choices on the red carpet?


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