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A United Nations Women Goodwill Ambassador, a tireless campaigner for university administrators to address sexual assault on campus, a talented actress who has played two of the world's most beloved female characters: Hermoine Granger and 's Belle, it's safe to say Emma Watson isn't your average A-list celeb.

However, unsatisfied with merely becoming a beacon of human rights activism, Emma has now found an ingenious way to combine her two greatest loves: acting and raising awareness for ethical causes. Embarking on the beginning of her Beauty and the Beast press tour this weekend, Emma has started a brand new Instagram page, @ThePressTour, in which she showcases sustainable fashion brands alongside promoting the highly anticipated Disney live-action remake, and frankly, we can't get enough.

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Emma Spreads The Gospel Of 'Reducing, Repairing, Reusing And Recycling' In Paris

The first photo Emma posted to her @ThePressTour Instagram account shows her wearing a coat from Stella McCartney, a brand dedicated to using absolutely no animal products such as feathers, fur, leather or other animals skins in their produce.

She highlights that her jumper is from a Swedish brand Flilppa K who focus on showcasing the 'four Rs:' reducing, repairing, reusing and recycling, and her shoes are from Good Guys Don't Wear Leather which, as you may have guessed, don't include any animal products in their products.

Emma Wore Organic Wool Trousers For The First Public Screening Of Beauty And The Beast

For the debut public screening of Beauty and the Beast Emma decided to rock a unique look while in Paris, Belle's birthplace. From Oscar de la Renta she wore a flower-embroidered satin bustier and organic silk sash partnered with organic wool trousers — which we can't help but wonder may have been a little warm. Her shoes were (naturally) handmade in Italy with organic silk for Burberry.

Emma Wore A Dress Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles On The Second Day Of Her Press Tour

Moving away from natural materials, Emma managed to sneak out of the Beauty and the Beast press junket to pose for some photos in her custom Louis Vuitton dress. However, this was no ordinary dress as it was made from Newlife recycled polyester, which is literally made from mechanically processed plastic bottles which are spun into yarns in Italy.


Which of Emma's ethical fashion looks is your favorite?


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