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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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It's been a strange week of reveals for Emma Watson during the Beauty and the Beast press tour. From announcing that she likes to have three baths a day and condition her pubic hair with fur oil, to causing outrage by flashing a cheeky bit of underboob in a Vanity Fair photoshoot, Emma is certainly getting herself some of that highly sought after media attention. After all, no publicity is bad publicity, right?

Well, in her latest interview with Yahoo! on the red carpet at the premiere, Emma may have disclosed a little too much information, i.e. that she is sexually attracted to fictional animals. Yes, really. Watch out King Kong, Belle is on the prowl and it's gonna get nasty.

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Emma Watson Has A Crush, And He's Jesus In Lion Form

While discussing Beauty and the Beast to the Yahoo! reporters, Emma made a rather shocking admission: she finds Aslan, the lion based on Jesus Christ from C.S.Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia Series, "hot." After making the monstrous reveal, Emma immediately wondered whether she should have shared that with the world, going on to state:

"Is that wrong? Is that OK? Probably not...No... It's not OK... It's not OK... I'm getting shaking heads."

Trying to make her attraction to fictional four legged creatures seem more legit, she followed her statement up with:

"It happens. Sometimes animals in films are hot. I don't know what to say. That's where we're at."

Emma Found Co-Star Dan Stevens Hotter As The Beast Rather Than As A Human

Beauty and the Beast [Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures]
Beauty and the Beast [Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures]

Having shared her physical attraction for the furrier creatures who roam the earth, it came as little surprise when Emma also confirmed that she found her co-star Dan Stevens hotter when he was in his beast costume rather than when he was in his natural human form.

Unable to hide her disappointment when he transformed back into a hairless human man, Emma told the interviewers that:

"There’s something a bit sad about when he transforms. You’re like a bit...oh...ok, you were quite nice before. He’s hot. The beast is hot."


Do you think Emma Watson is secretly a furry?


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