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Emma Watson is no stranger to making a political statement. The 27-year-old starlet has used her time in the spotlight to draw attention to a number of worthy causes: gender equality, sustainability in fashion, literacy, Planned Parenthood and more. Her Best Actor win at the was in itself a sort of statement, as it was the first time the award was given to one actor based solely on merit, as opposed to dividing the category up into men and women.

It's not surprising, then, that Watson took the opportunity to ever so subtly support yet another cause. Being eco-chic is now a given with Watson, and she stunned in a black asymmetrical number from Australian eco-luxury brand Kitx.

To top off the fun and environmentally friendly dress, Watson tucked a simple accessory in among the silver sequins. If you look closely at her belt, you'll notice a blue ampersand brooch. The pin is actually the logo for GLAAD, an organization devoted to bringing visibility to and shaping the narrative for LGBTQ folks in the media, as well as human rights struggles in general.

The other big winner of the night, , who brought home the Best Actor Award in Television, also sported the GLAAD ampersand, as well as a blue ribbon for the ACLU.

Want to show your support for GLAAD? You can order your very own ampersand right here.


Did you notice Emma Watson's GLAAD pin?


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