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Despite the final Harry Potter movie being released six years go, the cast of the phenomenal franchise have remained thick as thieves, reuniting for special events, and even in some cases dating each other. The cast have all gone their separate ways in the last few years, but if there's one career that's really blown up since HP ended, it's Emma Watson's.

The British starlet is currently doing the press rounds for 's live remake of , where she plays inventor Belle opposite Dan Stephen's Beast. The movie is likely to be one of the year's biggest blockbusters, but it looks like was starting to miss her fellow cast mates at last Thursday's (March 2) Los Angeles premiere, as she took to WhatsApp to invite her fellow Hogwarts alum to join her.

Matthew Lewis a.k.a. Neville Longbottom was one of the former cast mates in attendance, sharing the red carpet with his wife-to-be Angela Jones. Speaking to People, Lewis mentioned that Emma is part of a Harry Potter WhatsApp group, and invited a bunch of them to the premiere.

“We had like a WhatsApp group, and she invited a whole bunch of us all over the place. So I said, ‘Yeah, I’ll come over.’ “

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Emma has shared countless red carpets with Lewis during her time as Hermione Granger, so clearly missed the camaraderie. While not snapped on the red carpet, Tom Felton was also in attendance, taking some sneaky selfies with fans before heading inside.

also reflected on Emma's rise to fame and life in the spotlight, showing nothing but praise and admiration for his friend, telling People that Emma has always done what she wanted to do, despite being so sexualized from such a young age:

“She was in the public eye so young and sexualized so young. People try to pigeonhole young actresses and tell them what they should and shouldn’t be doing. Emma was always very keen to do whatever the hell she wanted to do, and I think she’s done that.”

He continued, alluding to Emma's women's rights advocacy and activism:

"She's hoping to use her experiences to try and help people, and I think that's absolutely fantastic. I think that she’ll do it with Belle — Belle won't be a damsel in distress."

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It's completely adorable to see Lewis and Felton supporting their pal so many years on from Potter — and they all look absolutely gorgeous to say the least. Now, does anyone know how one can we get an invite to that WhatApp group? Asking for a friend.


Which Harry Potter cast member do you still have a bit of a crush on?

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