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Sophie Atkinson

If Hermione battling the Daleks sounds like a dream come true to you, then I've got wizard news - has been voted the British public's* first choice for a female Doctor Who!

British tabloid The Sun is hardly a bastion of gender equality, so it was an unexpected surprise to find the home of Page 3 topless ladies leading a campaign for a female Doctor Who.

They held a poll asking Sun readers which British actress/comedienne they'd choose for the role of the Time Lady and there was one clear winner.

Emma took 29% of the vote, followed by comedienne with a modest 15% and the sci-fi series' actress and the Doctor's current companion, Jenna Louise-Coleman on 14%.

British TV panel favorite and comedienne Sue Perkins, was another hot choice for the female Doctor, winning 11% of the Sun readers' ballots.

The Royle Family's Sheridan Smith came in fifth with a respectable 9% while Spooks spymaster Lara Pulver won 7% of the vote.

This Is England actress took 6% to make seventh place while Chalet Girl star , took eighth place with 5%.

The actresses in the bottom two spots were surprising since both are much-loved Brit stars with thriving careers. 9th spot was awarded to Downton Abbey's Lady Mary AKA with 3% and last place went to The Hour's with a disheartening 2%.

The Sun's poll was launched by a casual comment by Dame , who has entered into the debate on who should be the twelfth Doctor Who by arguing there are 'ten wonderful British actresses' who would suit the role.

The current doctor, , is set to leave the show at the end of the year.

While I think Emma's a talented and charismatic actress, I can't help but feel a female Doctor Who needs to be a leetle older. It's hard to channel that breezy been-there, done-that hundreds of years old thing when you're so young and cute you practically have dimples.

Whether or not you agree with the female Doctor Who thing, if you were to pick a woman to play Doctor Who, who (heh) would you go for? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

*Ok, ok – the British public who read The Sun. Still, since The Sun has the largest readership of any UK newspaper, it's not too outrageous to take this poll as a basic indication of the British public's opinions on the matter.


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