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"I'm not just selling the script. I'm selling me!"
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Emma Watson has grown up on camera, ever since she'd was signed up for the Harry Potter franchise at age nine, she waved goodbye to her childhood and began grueling filming schedules.

Therefore, it's totally reasonable that Watson should have mixed feelings about her time at Hogwarts. The role of Hermione has brought her fame, fans and a vast fortune, but is that enough to make up for the fact she's been watched by the public for the past 13 years? Watch the video below to remind yourself of young Hermione's first Harry Potter film.

You have to agree it's incredible looking back and remembering this is what the young cast looked like when we first saw them on screen. Emma has undoubtedly come far and taken a lot from her experience, but it wasn't all quite so magical.

The English rose has repeatedly spoken out about how close she came to not renewing her contract after finishing The Order Of The Phoenix. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly for the promotion of the final magical instalment, a young Emma candidly talked about the lack of freedom she had her in life and all the choices she couldn't make for herself:

Now, us mere muggles out there may wonder why she's complaining, after all she's one of Hollywood's biggest names and actually got her Hogwarts letter. After all, without Hermione Watson would never have gone on to model for Burberry, have such sway with the UN or have taken home a very pretty $20million.

Nonetheless, I can understand how difficult it must have been for Emma. If you look back at your teenage years you'll quickly remember how it was a time for independence, growth and development. Watson didn't have this experience at all.

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[Credit: Warner Bros.]
[Credit: Warner Bros.]

As we all know, Emma did complete the Potter movies and we're incredibly grateful that she did. I honestly can't imagine anyone else playing the brightest witch at Hogwarts. However, the Hollywood star once commented on her time on set after she decided to stay with the with the franchise:

That's not exactly what you want to read about Hogwarts, Azkaban yes, but definitely not Hogwarts. It wasn't just the challenging schedule and lack of freedom that got to Watson though. It's been reported by Emma that when the three amigos were out in the wilderness for The Deathly Hallows Part One, they were continually cold and wet due to the requirements of the script. The young actress told New York Magazine about her chilly experience:

I must admit this does sound awful and more like a punishment for Death Eaters than young Gryffindors. Emma's honesty about filming has somewhat destroyed the allure and magic surrounding Hogwarts, maybe I'll think twice about constantly wishing for my entrance letter. However, as I can feel the Dementors circling, let's lift the mood and prove it wasn't all doom and gloom by watching this heartwarming scene from our fave franchise:

Looking back over the movies and how much effort went into creating Hermione, I can completely understand how hard it must have been for Watson. Let's not forget that as soon as the final film was wrapped Emma rushed to do something daring to separate herself from the goody two shoes witch. This brave pixie cut shocked the world and we all fell in love with a whole new Emma Watson:

The cut was prompted by the fact that within Emma's contract she was unable to change her appearance whatsoever, including hair, piercings or tattoos. Arguably, a nightmare for any teenager. I hope that when time passes, Watson is able to find some happiness in the memory of role that brought so much joy to millions of Potterheads.


Do you sympathize with Emma or is she just being whiny?

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