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Over Valentines Day, if you happened to be in New York's Grand Central Terminal, you may have spotted a man wearing a booth with a sign that read "Advice From Emma Watson $2."

However, this wasn't simply a lone man attempting to sell something, it was the basis for an episode of Vanity Fair's Derek Does Stuff With a Friend.

Host Derek Blasberg took Emma Watson, via live webcast, around New York's stunning station in hopes to sell real, live advice from the star for only two dollars. Watson sat back with her cup of tea and was ready and willing to offer wise words to those in need with all proceeds going to an establishment of Watson's choosing, which was Planned Parenthood.

The first brave man to step up and ask for Watson's advice came at her with a personal, yet important question:

"How do I tell my friends that my wife and I are expecting our first child?"

Naturally, Emma was taken aback by this question at first, but she came up with a really great way for him to share the news.

"Really freak them out."

She went on to suggest that he give the inclination that he had really bad news to tell them and really lower their expectations, and then come in with the bombshell.

 Derek Does Stuff With a Friend [Credit: Vanity Fair]
Derek Does Stuff With a Friend [Credit: Vanity Fair]

As Derek urged commuters to come and get advice from Watson, a crowd started to gather. Some were stunned when they realized that they were talking to the real Emma Watson in real time. Even children lined up to get advice from the renowned actress, with one young boy asking her (charmingly) how he could be a good boyfriend.

Derek promoted the deal to "Get your life changed by Emma Watson for only two bucks!" which propelled a variety of people to ask the famous Harry Potter star anything from relationship advice to what they should do for the day, and even what they should wear to prom.

 Derek Does Stuff With a Friend [Credit: Vanity Fair]
Derek Does Stuff With a Friend [Credit: Vanity Fair]

Watson's natural charisma and charm as she offered advice was apparent and gave plenty of new material for anyone hoping to make a case that the actress has become one of today's best role models for young people.

Her recent efforts to further the fight for gender equality have been making waves, which have included her campaign.

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