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isn't called a tale as old as time for nothing; the classic, inspired by a traditional fairytale, has always been one of the most iconic animated films ever, from the mesmerizing talking homeware to Belle's clever, not-just-a-pretty-face character that finally broke free of the same old princess tropes.

That's why the studio's live-action adaptation, set for release in March 2017, is as big of a challenge as it is exciting. Will and as the Belle and the Beast live up to our expectations? While we're already familiar with the likes of Cogsworth and Lumière, there was one thing we still needed to see —or hear: the cast's vocal abilities.

Listen To Emma Watson Singing 'Something There'

"Something There" is clearly one of the central songs in the movie, signifying the moment when both Belle and the Beast realize there's something in their hearts they hadn't seen before. It was originally performed by Paige O'Hara for the 1991 animated film, and it seems like Watson has worked hard to make her proud.

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In fact, O'Hara even stated that she was delighted with the Harry Potter actress's casting, telling People:

"I thought it was genius casting! I don't think you could pick anyone more right for Belle that's out there that's the right age. She's beautiful, she's got the intelligence, she's extremely smart. I think she's going to be wonderful. I really do!"

Now we know she can sing, too!


What do you think of Emma's voice as Belle?

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