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In Disney's original Beauty and the Beast, it was Belle's father, Maurice who had troubles with a horse, being ruthlessly abandoned by his horse Phillipe, and left for dead in a forest. However a recent interview has revealed that it was actually Belle, a.k.a Emma Watson who found herself at the center of an equine near-miss.

Appearing on The Tonight Show, actor Josh Gad, who plays LeFou, regaled host Jimmy Kimmel with tales of his the difficult time he had with his horse on set. Despite being named "Buddy," Gad says that the horse was anything but his friend, throwing him off on the first day of the shoot and the partnership only getting worse from there.

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The bad times with Buddy finally came to a head during the scene where LeFou and Gaston (Luke Evans) ride horses into the village in order to sing the song "Belle." While Gad and Evans' horses were supposed to take three steps forward on action, Gad's horse "moonwalked" backwards before running straight through the villagers!

"Emma's like 'NOOOO, NOOOO' and everybody's like 'NO, Hermione NOOOO!'" Gad shouted, explaining the panic during the take. But luckily Emma Watson (and presumably the villagers) were totally unharmed, though the horse trainer's heart may have skipped a couple of beats. "The horse trainer — literally tears in his eyes — comes up to me 'I'm so sorry, I've never seen that happen before'" Gad laughs.

Beauty and the Beast is in theaters now.


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