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The new year always comes with New Year resolutions. And so, while the circumstances might not be ideal for the Grimes family in The Walking Dead, even in the middle of a zombie apocalypse the surviving humans have to set New Year resolutions in the hopes that 2014 will turn out better.

AMC celebrated the new year with a The Walking Dead marathon, screening every episode to date.

Rick () and Carl's resolutions resonate the dramatic mid-season finale. In the beginning of Season 4, Rick did everything in his power to make life more comfortable around the prison, the crew's shelter from the walkers. Now, after episode Too Far Gone, where the prison's protecting walls fell and burnt down in flames, he has to start it all over again with Carl. Understandably, one of the Grimes family's New Year resolutions is to grow a new garden.

The Walking Dead Apocalypse Resolutions

The closing episode was also highly emotional. Rick and Carl () set off into the wilderness alone after finding a bloody baby carrier and assuming that baby Judith was eaten by the walkers. Their mourning resulted in the emotional resolution to spend more time together. It was also a touching one for fans since we still don't know if baby Judith is actually dead or alive.

The Walking Dead Apocalypse Resolutions

The second half of Season 4 will air February 9 on AMC.

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What do you think of these apocalyptic resolutions? Did they pull at your heartstrings?


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